Wilmington, North Carolina

Board of Directors Position Open.  We are currently seeking a volunteer to serve on the Board for the remainder of this term (November 2013).  If you are interested please go to the Contact Us page and email the Board or Jerry Barnes.

Thank You.

2012- 2013 Board of Directors

Mike Brunner, President
Drendle Seison, Treasurer
Bill Fand, At Large (Townhomes Rep.)

he Directors' primary duties are to maintain the standards of the community as specified in the Association's Declarations, Covenants and Restrictions or Rules & Regulations. Another responsibility is to oversee the operation and maintenance of the Association's common property. These duties involve a variety of actions with the assistance of  a property management firm.  Community Solutions Southeast, serves in this capacity for our association and
Jerry Barnes is our assigned property manager.

Community Solutions Southeast
Association Management
Jerry Barnes, Property Manager
2108 Capital Dr. Suite 102
Wilmington, NC 28405
Ph: 910.799.9779
Fax: 910.799.9981

Once elected, each position carries a term of two years and these volunteers are not paid or compensated for their services.  Elections are held at our Annual Homeowner's Association meeting in November.  You will receive a packet prior to the meeting, please review the packet and cast your vote  either by attending the meeting or by proxy.  The annual meeting is just one of the primary ways to become involved in your community by participating in the open election to determine who serves in your interest on the board. The association and board are always looking for volunteers to assist the directors or property manager in accomplishing required activities and actions. 

Board meetings are open for OBSERVATION ONLY by members while the meeting is not in a closed executive session which is typically reserved for the first half hour of the meeting. If you have an issue you would like to discuss with the Board, you MUST contact the Board one week prior to the scheduled monthly meeting to have your request added to the agenda. You may email your request to the Board at and to Jerry Barnes at  All members are encouraged to attend any board meeting in addition to the annual meeting.  For the dates and times of our monthly meetings and the annual meeting please visit Community Calendar. To view the minutes of our monthly meetings, please visit Key Documents.

The monthly board meetings and violation hearings are held at the Myrtle Grove Fire Station #18 on Carolina Beach Road.  Meetings are scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month however, if there should be a change please check the Community Calendar on this site for a rescheduled time. 

Meetings are held in the training room on the backside of the building through the left side door of the building pictured above.
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